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Viratnagar is a place of historical significance. In today's world, it is well known as Bairath. Bairat (Viratnagar) is a town in northern Jaipur district of Rajasthan, India. It is located 52 km north of Jaipur, and 66 km west of Alwar. Bairat's history goes back to the time of the Mahabharata, when it was known as "Viratnagar". Viratnagar was the capital of the ancient Mahajanapada (kingdom) of Machcha or Matsya. The Virat Nagar also known for Great cow lover Mahatma Ramchandra Veer's birth place.

Viratnagar used to be the capital of Abhimanyu's father in law. After getting exile, Pandavas are believed to have spent one year in Viratnagar. Excavations expose the fact that viratnagar used to be a part of the Mauryan Empire and thrived as a Buddhist establishment.

Viratnagar still has the periodical remnants of the Mauryan, Mughal and Rajput structural designs. It is also acknowledged for the ruins of a circular Buddhist temple as the earliest structural temple in India. The Mugal Emperor, Akbar built a mint in the Viratnagar. A beautiful Mughal garden too occupies the lands of Viratnagar. Son of Akbar, Jahangir constructed a significant monument with painted Chattris. All the archeological revelations are the type of the cursors to the ancient Bairath.

The major attraction of the Viratnagar is Bhim ki dungari. There are many other points of attraction in the Virat Nagar such as Bijak-ki-Pahari, The Jain Temple, and Museum and so on. Bhim ki dungri is also known as The Pandu hill. Bhim ki dungari is a low rocky hill with a cave that is believed to be Bhim's (one of the Pandava brothers) house.

History of Bhim ki Dungri, Virat Nagar:
Most of us have read, heard, or seen the great epic "Mahabharata" in one or the other form. Numerous version, translations and reference are been made about the story of struggle between the Pandavas and Kauravas. Various kingdoms are described in this tale like Hastinapur, the Kaurav kingdom, Dwarka (ruled by Krishna), Gandhar (ruled by Shakuni Mama), Manipur, the Nagdesh and Magadh (ruled by Jarasandha).

When the Kauravas and Pandavas played a gambling game, surprisingly the pandavas lost the game and thereby lost their kingdom and all their wealth. They also lost another bet according to which they were to go to the forest, on Vanvas, for twelve years. In the thirteenth year of Vanvas, they were to live in hiding under disguise and changed identities. If they were found in this period by the kauravas, they would have to go to the forests for another twelve years.

That thirteenth year of Vanvas was spent by pandavs under changed identities in Viratnagar, the capital of Matysa Desh. There, the King Virat was on the throne. Virat king has a son called Uttar and a daughter named Uttara. Yudhisthira, the eldest of pandavas disguised himself as a scholar, became the advisor of king. Bhim, being the angriest and strongest of all humans was the second Pandav. Bhim choose to stay on this Dungri hill and liked to cook and eat. Bhim become the royal cook. Arjun, the great warrior, become the dance teacher to the Uttara, and thus he was safe. The last two pandavs, Nakul and Sahdev were employed in the royal stable as stable hands. Draupadi, pandava's wife became a maidservant to the queen. Since, Bhim stayed on the hill in this period, Hence it was named as a Bhim ki dungri.